2003 New England Classic Charity
Trail Ride Photo Album

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Many thanks to one of our sponsors, Team Suzuki

Ray Lajoie shows off the Suzuki Winning Plaques

Now on to the fun stuff!!!

Number 71 is 71 years old!!!
Of course, he is riding a Suzuki
(  Insert shameless plug here )

They don't call this "Little Niagra" for nothing.

Rodney Smith and wife, Laura, riding two up

Saturday Lunch stop at Alton

Do these guys shop at the same store or what?

Our northern loop trail boss, John O'Connor, giving some sound advice.

Even Emeril would be jealous of our fine chefs for the lunch stop.

Our lovely waitresses.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Smith enjoying an exquisite dining experience.

Lisa Babaian from CFF posing with Dave Fredrickson, MVTR member.

Lisa again with Dave from CFF and Annie Mumford.

Our fearless leader Tom "Soccer Mom" Levesque.

Future dirt bike rider in training playing in the dirt.

Freedom Cycle of Concord support truck and crew providing timely flat repairs.

Now, more riding...

Scenic view at Shelcamp Pond

Our wonderful banquet was provided by "Hart's Turkey Farm"
( Insert another shameless plug here )

Our very own AMA representative Al "Wolfman" Tucker
You can see why we are so proud of him.

Whatever you do, don't pass out in front of the campfire, you never know what jerk might have a camera.


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