Hopkinton-Everett OHRV Park 2007 Flooding Damage Repair Photo Album

Mother Nature has seen fit to deliver us back to back 100 year floods.

The experienced group of volunteers that MVTR has recruited, has once again stepped up to the plate to show the level of responsible stewardship
towards our trail systems.

The countless hours of volunteer labor to put back the flooded trail system is shown in the following pictures from our work parties.

Without the selfless commitment of every volunteer, our trail system would not be open today. Thanks to all who gave of their own time to give back to the trails


Pulling the Stark Pond Bridge back into it's approximate location while it's still floating                         4-21-2007

Adjustment of the Stark Pond Bridge as the flood waters receed                                                         4-29-2007

The Stark Pond Bridge's temporary resting point                                                                                 5-9-2007

The work of resetting all of the small bridges starts with 43 volunteers on Memorial Day Weeekend     5-27-2007

The River Loop gets restored                                                                                                             7-18-2007

28 volunteers relocate the Stark Pond Bridge back to it's original place                                               8-8-2007

Delivery of two tons of weight to hold down Stark Pond Bridge from future flooding                            9-16-2007