MVTR rebuilt the Stark Brook Bridge on the Hanglider Hill Loop after flooding destroyed the previous bridge.

MVTR is proud to perform maintenance at Hop-Ev OHRV park in Dunbarton as part of our continued stewardship of the park.

We would like to recognize Clyde Kimball, NH Bureau of Trails, who reset the bridge supports for us to replank.

Many thanks to those who sacrificed their time to give back to the sport that we all enjoy.

11 volunteers stepped up to the plate on the weekend before Christmas to help us with this project.
This kind of dedication speaks volumes about the type of members that we have.

Justin, Mike Brown, Dave Fredrickson, John O'Connor, Rich Pellerin, Bruce Porter, Gary Ryan, Jim Tyer, Al Tucker, Wayne Zawadowicz

Only a partial shot of the usual suspects, the others went on to another project.

The final product, thanks to all.

Needless to say, without the efforts of many our members, our continued support of the sport could not continue.