MVTR Stands For...

MVTR was formed by individuals who realized a need to unify the growing sport of off-road motorcycling, "trail riding".
As formal weekly rides brought riders together, a more structured monthly ride developed into published recreational events enjoyed by others from surrounding states."Connie’s Ride" from Litchfield, NH, a club favorite, made way for the "Jack Noga Memorial Trail Ride" hosted from the NH International Speedway in Loudon, NH.
It has raised over $1,000,000 for various charities, the most recent being the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
Trail rides for the competitive of heart were begun and gained fame as the "Cockermouth Enduro" in Hebron, NH.
Today MVTR sponsors an Enduro called "The Rocky Mountain Enduro" in Alton, NH.

MVTR stands for trail riding.


MVTR was instrumental in drafting legislation which allows the use of legalized trail bikes on public ways in the state.
The use of these public ways makes for rides covering many miles of New Hampshire countryside, versus the confines of a sand pit or other enclosed areas.
MVTR led the drive to open the Hopkinton/Everett Flood Control Zone as a designated summer OHRV riding area.
The club also assisted the State in writing a youth training program for the wheeled user which is part of the successful training program used by the NH Fish and Game today.

MVTR stands for representation.


MVTR is made up primarily of trail bike riders, men and women, and has a number of ATVers involved.
Many members cross train on mountain bikes and others enjoy winter trails on snow machines.
The Club invites, represents and promotes all it’s members and their activities.

MVTR stands for multi-use harmony.


Throughout the spectrum of trail riding, recreation, competition, legislation and public relations…

MVTR stands for the safe and responsible enjoyment
of the sport.